( frequently asked questions)

For most of our inventory( within 15 miles of us):
*set up and break down
*all hoses and extension cords up to 100ft

There are delivery fees associated with rentals outside our 15 mile radius.

Dance floors, tables and chairs have a set up cost anywhere from $50-$150 depending on the size/amount requested.

Before reserving anything with us, please call the park you wish to have your event. They have their own rules when it comes to reserving space for your event. We will need to provide a Certificate of insurance to them and if you are going to have more than a number of people attending you will also need to provide your own insurance as well. Electricity may or may not be provided by the park. We offer generators if needed.

 If you do not want to pay extra for water barrels and if the park allows us to stake down, you will have to get the place marked and cleared by all utility companies prior to us staking down. you can do so by calling  811 or doing so online at https://www.sunshine811.com/ We will need proof that you requested this minimum 3 days prior to your event to take off the water barrels.

For more info on Collier County Parks & Rec please visit https://www.collierparks.com/

For more info on City of Naples Park & Rec please visit https://www.naplesgov.com/parksrec
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: 239-687-3777

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